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dc.contributor.authorAimurzina, Baglan-
dc.contributor.authorKamenova, Mazken-
dc.contributor.authorOmarova, Ainura-
dc.contributor.authorNurumov, Aldanysh-
dc.contributor.authorPestunova, Galina-
dc.contributor.authorKaripova, Ainur-
dc.description.abstractThis article notes that the main task of sustainable development of agricultural production in Kazakhstan is a special approach to its financial provision and financial regulation. Features of the circulation of funds in the organization of finance of agricultural enterprises which are a combination of relations with regard to the formation, distribution and use of funds, determine the search for the main sources of income of financial resources in the agricultural
dc.publisherJournal of Environmental Management and Tourismru
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIssue 1(25);-
dc.subjectsustainable developmentru
dc.subjectagricultural productionru
dc.subjectrepublican budgetru
dc.titleThe Main Directions of Sustainable Development of Agricultural Productionru
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