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Title: Nomenclature of Skills for Listening and Understanding. Professionally-Oriented Texts Aurally.
Authors: Mukusheva, G.R.
Keywords: the context-centered foreign language teaching
non-linguistic universities
listening skills
compensatory skills
sounding text
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: ФЛП "Кравченко Я.О."
Abstract: Mukusheva, G.R. Nomenclature of Skills for Listening and Understanding .Professionally-Oriented Texts Aurally [Text] /, G.R. Mukusheva // International research and practice media conference. Materials of the II international research and practice media conference - January 31st , 2019.- S.14-23
Description: The article is devoted to the actual problem of searching for optimal methods of professional-oriented teaching of foreign languages and the formation of communication skills in all types of speech activity. The major attention is focused on the task of learning to listen and understand professional texts in the specialty, which are based on the basic skills that students of non-linguistic universities should have. To reach the goal of the implementing of these tasks the researches suggests minimizing and concretizing educational material on learning to listen and understand an economic text based on a leading principle called the principle of “context-pragmatic significance”. That’s why it’s obvious to prepare our students to listen to lectures, reports and speeches, tape recordings of speech, radio and television news, to participate in discussions and conversations, watch movies and using internet.
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