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Title: Management of financial flows in the supply chain of industrial [Text] : monograph.
Authors: A.G.Butrin
Keywords: management
industrial management
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Караганда : КарГУ
Citation: Management of financial flows in the supply chain of industrial [Text] : monograph / A.G.Butrin, Yu.I.Ossik, Z.S.Gelmanova. - Караганда : КарГУ, 2014. - 112 s.
Description: It was outlined methodological basis first in monograph for the organization and management of working capital calculations in the payments step in the concept of supply chain management. Organizational and economic essence and role of payments in the supply chain of industrial enterprises were disclosed. The method and the original economic and mathematical model were given for determining the optimal values of the working capital in the payments step in close connection with the financial environment. It was proved the necessity and appropriateness of the "lean" management technology using in the organization and management of mutual settlements. The basic options of "lean" management of mutual settlements were developed on this basis, involving corporate and banking bills, warehouse certificates, and the pass-through shoulder method.The monograph is intended for students and master students of economic specialties, MBA programs, professors, graduate students and experts engaged with working capital management, financial flows, mutual settlements, and logistics.
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