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Title: Analysis and modeling of indicators of sustainable development of regions in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Authors: Yemelina, N.K.
Assanova, M.A.
Sitenko, D.A.
Keywords: sustainable development
economic sphere
social sphere
ecological sphere
Kuz-nets сurve
Kazakhstan model
indicators of sustainable development
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Yemelina, N.K. Analysis and modeling of indicators of sustainable development of regions in the Republic of Kazakhstan / N.K. Yemelina, M.A. Assanova, D.A. Sitenko//Вестник КарГУ: серия экономическая.-2017.- С40-46.
Description: Sustainable development management includes three major components: environmental, social, economic. This paper is focused mainly on environmental part.The article includeseconometric modeling approach in the analysis of environmental governance in the Republic of Kazakhstan on the way to sustainable develop-ment. We estimate regions in the Republic of Kazakhstan according to their economic and environmental de-velopment. Based on the above-mentioned we proposed 4 clusters. According to the analysis of environmen-tal situation we found out that there is a need to minimize ecological consequences, future externalities for new generations. Public authorities need to understand it in the process of implementation of long-term social and economic strategy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The prediction of the transition to «sustainable» devel-opment made by our macroeconomic model is very favourable for the Republic of Kazakhstan from eco-nomic, environmental and social points of view. In our model, it was shown that «sustainable development» not only leads to the economic development of the country as a whole, but also provides a higher GRP growth rate, smoothes uneven regional progress, and guarantees «development» itself - one of the key indica-tors of the country’s well-being.
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