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Title: Social partnership: transformation issues and legal aspect
Authors: Au, T.I.
Filin, V.V.
Kusainova, L.K.
Keywords: social rights
social partnership
branch of law
law Institute
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Костанайская академия МВДРК им. Ш. Кабылбаева
Abstract: T.I. Au Social partnership: transformation issues and legal aspect [Text] // T.I. Au; V.V. Filin; L.K. Kusainova // ҒЫЛЫМ – НАУКА Международный научный журнал – 2020. – N1 (64) - p.56-60.
Description: In the scientific article the authors investigate the scientific and theoretical approaches to the definition of "social partnership", the influence of the current national law on its content. On the basis of this analysis, the interpretation of the category "social partnership"is determined. Shows the transformation in historical -legal aspect, where the main objective of the study is to attempt to bring this category to a wider range of relations between state and society, defining relationships in regulating the social status of the concept.
ISBN: 2306-451Х
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