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Title: Dуvelopment of the sphere of tourism on the basis Of innovative marketing technologies
Authors: Бугубаева Р.О., Беспаева Р.С
Keywords: tourist industry, tourism services, innovative marketing technologies.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Караганда, КЭУК
Abstract: Abstract. The way to an innovative Kazakhstan has already been defined and has its own directions and guidelines. The conducted researches have shown that the construction of a model of a knowledge-based economy requires new and new corrections of the country's innovation course, as well as its clear legislative support. This article summarizes the accumulated theoretical and methodological foundations for researching innovations in the global tourism industry and identifies ways to improve the efficiency of tourism development on the basis of innovative marketing technologies, the main of which are: the organization of advertising campaigns; implementation of e-business; logistics services for consumers of tourism services on the basis of the introduction of innovative advertising and information and communication technologies; reengineering of business processes through interaction of a tourist enterprise, market and consumers; The application of the concept of geomarketing in the field of tourism.
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