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Title: Marketing research: Textbook for students of economic fields of training
Authors: Borbasova Z.N
Ulakov S.N
Ossik Yu.I
Ossik M.Yu.
Keywords: marketing
dibberential model
analytical system
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Karaganda: KarSU publ
Citation: Borbasova Z.N., Ulakov S.N., Ossik Yu.I., Ossik M.Yu. Marketing research: Textbook for students of economic fields of training. — Karaganda: KarSU publ., 2015. — 284 p.
Description: Basic theoretical and methodological issues of marketing research are viewed in the textbook, as well as the directions of their practical use. The structure of the textbook corresponds to a standard program in an academic discipline. The contents and methods of marketing research are disclosed here. The features of sociological, expert and other methods of conducting market research for goods and services, consumers, competitors, pricing, promotional activities are described and analyzed in the textbook. The textbook is addressed to students and undergraduates of universities, managers and specialists of manufacturing enterprises and organizations, which perform marketing studies, as well as to the students of an advanced training system.
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